▶ Send us Reservation Request Form right as shown
 Contact us for reservation inquiry.
. E-mail : marujihouse@gmail.com
. Office : 82-2-6082-5013
. Mobile : 82-10-7738-5013
We will reply to your reservation request as soon as possible.
(within one day)
▶ Payment method
1.Direct payment through PayPal.
To confirm your stay , a deposit is needed.
The deposit is only 10% of the total amount.
 A confirmation letter will be sent to you once your deposit has been received.
Please note,
Only 10% of the total amount will be charged to PayPal as a Non-refundable deposit.
The balance amount needs to be paid in Cash at the time of Check-in.
2.Transfer bank account
If you have an account at a Korean bank, let me know
※ All payments at a check-in should be made using only Cash,
No Cards will be accepted.