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Let me introduce to you our managers.

posted May 15, 2013, 7:28 AM by Lee Jacob
Let me introduce to you our managers.
Left is Jacob, Right is Heang. We are couple who have married 7 years ago.
When we met each other at first, we were working at same company.

We love travelling heavily like you.
We have been to Japan, China, Hongkong, Singapore, Taiwan, Austria, Italy, France, Czech to personal trip and
India, U.K, German, Holland, Belgium, RomaNia, Hungary, Slovakia, Canada, New York, Iran, Peru to business trip.
Every country have attractive something.I'm sure that traveler could find that for themself.

We have been thinking that traveler has warmth and good heart.
We hope that they could do to travel with keeping thier heart.
Sometimes something wrong happens while travel.We want to help that you can go travel without something wrong.

Jacob can speak english, Heang can speak japanese a little.
we are beginner at the converstaion, but we will keep trying to learn speak foreign language.

The aim for manage our guesthouse is due to like trip, is not to earn money.
If I would be stay in LG company,I could earn more money.
We will invest the money that pre traveler paid for traveler coming to the future.

We feel as like traveler when we meet the traveler.
Happy feeling of traveler makes us happy.

Travelling to other country is very difficult. That is same us.
So someone often help us while travelling.
We will help to traveler now.
Though someday when we begin to go travel, somebody would help us.

They say that "we can take just as much as we give".
We think traveler is to be us someday.
We sincerely hope to be friends with you.
That is happy thinking that we would see you again in your country.
I welcome you with my whole heart.