Welcome to Maruji Guesthouse website.
Maruji Guesthouse is made by redecorating that owner's house have been being for 20 years, it was opened in 2013
 The owner have been making a lot of stuff on the guesthouse with great efforts by himself, such as kitchen sink, decking of a front yard, wood fence, many tables, shelves and book case.
 We will keep trying to make better guesthouse by making an effort to your needs.
 Why don't you come stay to the Maruji Guesthouse, if you need clean , warmth, service with a glad heart, making a good memory with friends from various countries.
 The meaning of "MARUJI" is landmark for korean.
 In addition , we plan to continue adding a new meaning to "MARUJI"as a rest area for every travellers.

  I'd like to express my heartfelt thanks to you all for visiting our guesthouse and Korea.
I sincerely wish you and your families continued health and happiness. 
Thank you.